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H&C Media Is The Leading Email Marketing Agency For E-Commerce Brands Looking To Add An Additional Multi-6, 7, even 8+ Figures From Their Email List.

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“Matt’s project-specific work drove conversions across multiple campaigns with fresh ideas, new angles and actionable copy. His attention to detail, story-telling and personal connection through his copywriting resulted in higher open rates, click-through rates, new customer acquisition and ascension, and increased revenue for the company.”

John Hutchinson, Co-Founder, Traders Reserve LLC, 2-time ClickFunnels Comma Club Award Winner

"I remember first meeting Matt at an international event. Very quickly, I realized he was someone that belonged in the room. His knowledge, skills, and determination, make him an absolute ace to partner with. I'm very fortunate to have been able to work with him."

Sascha Schmunk, Senior Manager, Accenture


- Jason Capital, Top 100 White House Entrepreneur

The Floodgates are open.

A step-by-step system that leading e-commerce businesses are using right now to double, triple, even QUADRUPLE their businesses’ income, is now available to you…

It is single-handedly the most dominant marketing channel you can use in your business.

Better than:

Facebook ads

Google ads



Organic social media content

Affiliate programs

And a bunch more…

This isn’t false advertising or subliminal messaging either.

This is backed by real, data-driven, marketing research.

In fact, leading management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company released a recent study revealing that this profit-generating “machine” is helping companies “FIND” an extra 4000% ROI in their businesses.

If you don’t know McKinsey, they’re basically who the “Jeff Bezos’” of the world call when they have a problem with their business and need help.

Their research is vetted and should be trusted religiously.

But McKinsey isn’t the only one raving about this “machine” that’s generating companies so much profit.

Because it’s even grabbed the attention of Inc. Magazine, and now they’re talking about it too!

“That’s just one of the reasons your email list is your most powerful marketing tool.”
-Inc. Magazine

Yes, It's true, many Americans complain about their email inboxes…

But the data doesn’t lie.

That’s why Joel Marion, who has produced over $100 Million through email marketing in a single year says it best: